Thai Baht: Get the absolute Best Rate in Malaysia

best cheapest rate for thb in malaysia

Are you travelling to The Land of Smiles (Thailand) and looking to get the best and cheapest rate for your Thai Baht? Look no further.

We are offering the best exchange rate for THB in town. GUARANTEED!

Don’t believe it, see it for yourself! Check out the latest exchange rate Malaysian Ringgit to THB.

Still Sceptical?

Show us a money changer in town that offers a better rate than our rate for THB and we’ll then match that rate for you!

How to secure the best Thai Baht Rate

Exchange rates float freely against one another. This means their prices are are in constant fluctuation based on the supply and demand in the foreign exchange market. Currency valuations are determined by the flows of currency in and out of a country. A high demand for a particular currency or a shortage in its supply cause the value of that currency to increase.

But front not, using our new booking service, you can now lock-in the best baht exchnage rate and guarantee its availability before coming to our stores! Click on the button below to get started!

Found a money changer with a better rate?

No problem! Order now and then enter MATCHPRICE as a promo code, and while your order is “pending approval”, you can then use “alert money changer” to share the website of the money changer that’s offering a cheaper rate than ours.

We will then amend the rate accordingly and send the amendment request for you to agree.

Once you have agreed, we’ll then send you an “online payment” request via email, allowing you to pay us using direct debit from your Malaysian savings or current account as long as you have an active internet banking account with any of the FPX participating banks.

*T&Cs Apply*.

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